Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Walking Dead Fan Fiction

They had left. Rick, Michonne, Carl. Gone. He was alone again. Complete solitude with only his thoughts. Morgan lay there, insanity gripping the only comfort he had left: his mind. Slowly he rose out of his dormant state. He proceeded to go down the stairs and into the street. He looked around slowly. For the first time in a while, he realized what he had become. The traps, the writing, all of the weapons. He had turned into the man he never wanted to be. With this sudden realization, he knew what to do to make it right again. Quickly, he gathered all the necessary supplies, dismantled the deadly traps, and started his journey. Before Rick and his group had left, he caught a glimpse of the direction they were heading. He found their path and went as fast as he could after them.

It had been 2 hours since Morgan had left and darkness began to set in. He knew that it wasn't safe to continue in the current conditions. He decided to stop at the next hospitable building he came across. After another hour, he came across an abandoned school that looked safe enough to enter. With caution, he opened up the side door. Behind it was a large gymnasium, completely empty with no sign of other survivors. Slowly, he checked every corner of the room. He then began to unpack his sleeping bag to spend the night. While he searched through his bag he accidentally dropped his flashlight, causing it to roll into a metal door. This created a loud bang and was followed by a dull growl. As fast as he could, Morgan sprinted to the door, grabbed his flashlight, and headed for the exit. To his dismay, the doorknob was busted, leaving him trapped with walkers approaching. He was prepared to fight and drew his knife immediately. He hastily took out the three walkers that came through the door.  Without thinking, he sprinted through the new exit and out of the school. He now decided that resting was the worst possible plan and returned to his search.

Many months went by with no luck. Morgan had begun to lose faith in his never ending search. He concluded that he would never find his old friend again. Just as he stopped, a shot rang out through the air. He immediately dropped and started to scan the tree line. Once he realized it came from off in the distance, he got back up and headed towards the sound. After a few minutes, a large factory building stood in front of him with fire protruding from it. Thinking that his friends may be in trouble, he rushed down and over the gate to search. As he was checking out what had happened, he heard yelling behind him. As he turned, the only person he could clearly see was a man with a holstered .44 magnum, the same kind Rick had. He started for the fence, but was blocked off by a small horde of walkers. After taking a few minutes to deal with them, he mantled the obstacle and followed the footsteps.

When the shoe prints faded out, Morgan was shocked to see a small church in front of him. Instead of walking in unexpectedly and startling the group, he remained silent in the tree line. He observed that the members were fighting and that it was not the best time to intrude. He would remain on the outskirts of the group and stay hidden. This worked well until the day 'it' happened...

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