Sunday, January 11, 2015

Humor/Satire Piece

This past summer, I traveled to Florida with two of my good friends. It was for my friend's birthday, so all the activities had been planned out. Many of the things we would be doing were new to me, so I was pretty excited to try them out. The most interesting one was definitely the Segway tour through important landmarks of Florida. I expected it to be informative, however, I thought the Segways would be lacking in speed. I was pleasantly surprised when we were told that they could reach speeds of 20 miles per hour. But before we could start riding around, we had to watch a 20 minute safety video on what not to do on a Segway. Ironically, I decided to do the exact opposite of what I was warned. After the first couple of minutes of driving, I was swerving and speeding along the sidewalk, narrowly missing signs and pedestrians. The closest I came to falling of was when I lost control and barely missed getting swept off the Segway by a tree branch. Halfway through the tour, a storm rolled in and we were forced to take shelter in a library for half an hour. Once the storm ended, we continued the tour. Even with the ground freshly soaked from the downpour, my driving was still as erratic as before. I would come close to being thrown off after drifting too much or driving too fast. I personally couldn't see how ridiculous I looked, but my friends' laughing made it clear. 

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